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Wholesale & Distribution Solutions for wholesale & distribution companies

There are many challenges that a company faces as a wholesaler. Ever changing customer demands, piling up product inventories, shrinking margins, complicated supply chain, growing competition are just a few of them. Is there a composite solution that can help improve efficiency, reduce cost and maximize the profit?

The answer is “Yes”. Today, the modern wholesale and distributors rely on modern software management system for integrated operations that is quick and sensitive to the business environment.

These software help organizations to work in tandem with customers and partners, manage orders, improve deliveries, streamline processes, optimize stock levels, reduce cost and project trends and opportunities.

There are many software available for these purposes. Choosing the right software that meets specific demands of an organization can become a cumbersome process. You can trust our expertise of many years to help choose the right software for you.

What We Offer

To be completive in the business, a company needs a comprehensive software solution that covers all aspects of operations like; sales and marketing; inventory management; dispatching and deliveries; finances etc. Moreover, the right expertise is required from industry experts to provide a solution that is specific to the organization’s needs.

We offer specialized applications for wholesale and distribution companies based on Microsoft Dynamics. We have the right expertise to provide the right solution for FMCG, stationery and office supplies, pharmaceuticals, medical devices industries working as:

  • Warehouse
  • Van-sales
  • B2B Commerce