Suite Commerce


At IIAPPC, we understand the complexities involved in running an online business.
That’s why we partner with NetSuite — the pioneers of eCommerce solutions —
and bring SuiteCommerce to you. This holistic SaaS platform enables order management, financial management,
marketing, inventory management, and customer support, all without the need for multiple systems.
With SuiteCommerce, you can view, access, and stay in control of all your business operations with great ease!


Better supplier/stock level management - Connect your supply and distribution chains and enjoy real-time information sharing, improved coordination, increased responsiveness, and a shorter time to market.

Optimized Inventory - Reduce excess inventory, capture lost sales, promote products based on availability to your customers with real-time, enterprise-wide inventory visibility.

Centralized Order Management - Exceed customer expectations and maximize profitability through quick and effective orders. Manage orders across multiple channels — e-store, retail outlets, kiosks, and more — in one place.

Improved Transparency - Keep customers, suppliers, and partners always in the know about the status of each order, facilitate faster processing, and improve customer satisfaction while bringing down operational costs.

Potential for growth and expansion - Deploy multiple sites quickly — for different brands, business models, channels, and geographies — all on the same platform.

Support for any selling model - Bring both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) selling models on a single platform.

Ultimate business agility - Gain flexibility and adaptability, increase efficiencies, and eliminate hardware and software management hassles; SuiteCommerce is purely cloud-based.


Storefront - Numerous modern, pre-built, responsive and mobile-friendly templates to design an interactive, e-store with a wide range of features and drag-and-drop tools for customization to your brand.

SEO and Marketing - Customizable tags, SEO-friendly URLs and schema markup to improve click-through rates as well as other features upselling and cross-selling features such as emailing, related products, cart abandonment alerts, and pop-up signup campaigns.

Customer Account - Address book management, order history, and order status checking for B2C selling models and quote generation, outstanding and available balance views, and online payment of invoices for B2B models.

Purchasing, Payments, and Shipping - Multiple payment options, secure transactions with HTTPS support, integrations with common payment gateways for real-time credit card processing, PCI DSS compliance, and multi-level fraud protection.

Business Insight and Analytics - Configurable dashboards that allow the creation of reports and provide insight into the business with integrations to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.