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To start with, a retailer with a small setup only needs basic software to manage sales, accounting and warehouse activities. However, with the numbers of store growing, an ERP system becomes a requirement.

Often waiting too long to get a comprehensive solution in place makes things unmanageable. Managing operations across multiple locations through non-integrated software products is quite challenging. It is also seen that running and supporting disintegrated software is rather costly and ineffective in the long-term.

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Home appliances & Electronics

Software solution for grocery stores and supermarkets

We offer solution developed for the specific needs of supermarkets and grocery stores. It combines the rich functionalities of Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Central, while enhancing them with specific features for food retailers. Our software enables efficient expiry date and batch tracking; optimizes inventory planning and management; defines specifics of vendors (e.g. their logistic processes). It has ready-to-go reports and analysis for tracking of retailers’ KPIs on a daily basis.

The application encompasses our expertise and hands-on experience of working with grocery retailers operating at various levels. The all-in-one system gives the tool to efficiently overcome daily obstacles in your grocery stores:

  • Tracking of all items in the warehouse and on the shelves, resulting in efficient planning of purchases
  • Optimization of assortment
  • Expiry date and batch tracking
  • Reports and analysis for tracking retailers’ KPIs on a daily basis
  • Managing promotions and campaigns and driving customer engagement
  • Advanced forecasting tool
  • Visibility on all transactions and processes.

Software solution for hotels and restaurants

Dynamics ERP Hospitality is an integrated software system for companies running hotel, restaurant, pubs and other similar operations. This solution enables human resources to perform their duties much more efficiently and helps managers find new ways to optimize costs and increase service quality. Based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP – Hospitality supports all variety of processes – from POS activities to operations in the central office; from preparation of menus and recipes to tracking individual order status.

Dynamics ERP Hospitality is supporting many hospitality businesses across the world, like:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs, Bars, Cafes
  • Fast-food diners (Buffets, take-away, drive-thru etc.)
  • Food deliveries and catering services

Management system for retails like apparel, fashion and sportswear

The fashion industry is ever changing at a fast pace. Fashion cycles are short as retailers demand fast access to new styles, in-store and online. Additionally, technology has enabled brand-savvy consumers in the driver seat, forcing retailers to maintain a consistent, rewarding and responsive customer brand experience.

Time to bid goodbye to fashion emergencies

Many fashion retailers still use discrete IT systems to run various parts of their business. As a result, they find it difficult to have all useful data at one place disabling them to have a clear overview of their business. As a result the overall customer experience takes a back-seat.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, LS Fashion and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, LS Retail one can run the entire fashion business, manage seasons, budgets, products, prices, accounting, promotions and loyalty from a single platform. It enables to have fashion chain under control, and gives shoppers the consistent, high-quality shopping experience they ever wanted in-stores, online, or via mobile.

The unified commerce platform for retail businesses

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s LS Central is a unified commerce platform for retail businesses built on. This all-in-one solution helps companies do the following:

  • Cuts cost and saves time
  • Increases customer retention
  • Optimizes operations
  • Tracks real-time sales, productivity and stock

Management system for furniture, design and home furnishing

Today world has started living in increasingly small spaces. The people do in store shopping as well as on the e-commerce and mobile websites. They also out for highly customizable furniture to meet their lifestyle.

These growing demands have made the management of inventory and sales increasingly difficult for furniture retailers. At the same time, these retailers are also realizing that they must offer an omni-channel shopping experience to create brand awareness, reach the new generations of consumers and stay competitive in the global arena.

Solutions for furniture retailers

With LS Retail software, one can optimize inventory, handle reservations and orders for tailor-made items and manage products, prices, promotions and loyalty in stores, on e-commerce site and on the loyalty applications.

The real-time performances reports help take better decisions. A suite of automated features allows focusing on high-return activities instead of daily routine tasks.

Retail management system for consumer electronics

Electronics stores must be able to respond to quickly changing demands of customers, as new technologies emerge in market. The risk is to pile up extra stock of the inventory as these items become obsolete fast. With online markets playing a big role, the shopkeeper needs to be sensitive to the pricing and offer various discounts and loyalty benefits.

Ever-changing customer needs? No problem.

Enhance efficiency and improve customers’ shopping experience; reduce your operational costs through a fully integrated software solution, especially custom made for technology retailers. Have your customers coming back with loyalty programs, personalized offers and recommendation. Optimize your inventory with our tools and get a quick snapshot of business.

Managing your operations; analyzing your performance and responding to market changes has never been so easy.