ERP Software
for Logistics Management

Cloud ERP software Service provider

The global supply chain backbone or logistics management company is an important factor in integrating and maintaining complex real-time processes. The tasks of inventory optimization, visibility, speed, accuracy, and increased depreciation and costs need to be addressed. Given the rapid “urbanization” of logistics, companies are always looking for combined systems that offer end-to-end transparency and system-friendly and reliable technology with intelligence.

Companies are seeking a unified global view of all logistics information; seamless integration of ERP, SCM and tools.

Our Solutions

IAPPC’s industrial logistics solutions integrate all logistics service requirements in a suite of intelligent solutions that increase flexibility and optimize business processes to increase operational efficiency at lower costs. As the only cloud-based solution, the IAPPC Cloud ERP software Service provider system covers the end-to-end requirements of 3PL shippers and parcel service providers.

The result is a complete coverage of the logistics landscape, enabling flexible and reasonable real-time solutions and greater efficiency and improved delivery performance at optimal cost.